What does a water strider look like?

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1 Answer

A water strider has six legs, two antennae and a long, skinny body. Most water striders are one-fourth to one half inches long. They are dark brown or black in color. Where do water striders live? It lives on top of the water in ponds, marshes, ditches and slow moving streams. It doesnt go under water very often. What do water striders eat? Water striders eat small insects that fall in the water. They poke their mouth in their prey and suck the juices out of it. More facts about the water strider: - There is water-repellent hair on the bottom of its body. - The two front legs catch prey. - The middle set of legs act like paddles to move the water strider. - Water striders do not bite people. - Enemies of the water strider are birds and fish. - Water striders can live for many months. - They have good vision. - They are also called a pond skater. more
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