What does a white lion eat?

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What do they eat? In the wild, African lions prey upon large herd animals such as wildebeests and zebras. If they can’t find enough of their regular food, they will eat smaller animals like hares and tortoises. However, if prey is really scarce, lions will eat almost anything that they can find – including snakes, insects and fruit. Interesting Facts To help lions sneak up on prey, they have rubbery pads on the bottoms of their feet. Like sneakers, these pads help soften the sound of each step.When they can, lions get their food by taking it away from other animals. This is often easier than hunting. In some parts of Africa, much of the food that lions eat is taken from hyenas.Although female lions do most of the hunting, the males eat first.Lion cubs are born with spots that will begin to fade at about three months. Lions can turn their ears from side to side to catch sounds coming from almost any direction. When they’re moving through tall grass, lions may not be able to see their pr