What Does A Yurt Look Like?


We said yes to the yurt, not really knowing what we were in for. When we arrived at the campsite, we were pleasantly surprised. The yurt looked like a small space ship. The resort owner had constructed a round floor that was approximately a foot above the ground. The yurt fit snuggly on top. This made the yurt inaccessible to insects, rain, and raccoons. In the winter, it would help keep out the many inches of snow. Though the sides are out of a heavy tarp-like material, there is a wood frame door and lock for security. Our yurt was 16 feet in diameter, and had 3 windows for cross ventilation that were covered with mesh to keep out the bugs. Two bunk beds, one with a double bed on bottom, two chairs, and end tables outfitted the inside. But what was really a pleasant surprise was the large dome over the center of the yurt. This skylight really lit up the yurt during the day, and was a good 9 feet about our heads. It was opened a little to increase the air circulation and really made th