What Does an Agate Look Like?

agate look

The rocks and stones we find on the beach won’t look much like the ones we find in shops that sell agate jewelry and art items. So, how are you to know what to look for? If you want to be a serious agate hunter, I would suggest you buy a guide book to agate hunting. Two of the best can be found on this page. Here are some basic clues to finding the Minnesota State Gem: • The color band planes where an agate is chipped or broken are sometimes visible, giving the rock a “peeled” texture. • Iron-oxide staining is found on nearly all agates and often covers much of the rock. The staining can most commonly will be shades of rust-red and yellow. • Translucence is an optical feature produced by chalcedony quartz, the principal constituent of agates. The quartz allows light to penetrate, producing a glow. Sunny days are best for observing translucence. • A glossy, waxy appearance, especially on a chipped or broken surface, is another clue. • The surface of the rock is often pitted texture. Oth