What does an inconclusive result mean in a polygraph test?

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1 Answer

Should someone retake the test if it's inconclusive?" That's Virginia. Ed, that's what happened in the Ramsey case, Patsy Ramsey was -- the first test results were inconclusive, then truthful. What does that mean? GELB: What that means, Greta, is that there is no opinion, that's what the government calls an inconclusive examination. I think the best, easiest analogy for everyone to understand is taking an electrocardiogram. If the doctor does not have sufficient data, he continues running charts until he has sufficient data to come to a definite conclusion. The same thing happens with a polygraph examination. An inconclusive or no opinion means there is insufficient data to make a determination with, and you continue running charts until you get sufficient data to make a decision with, just like an electrocardiogram. VAN SUSTEREN: All right, we have a call from the state of Utah. Go ahead, caller. CALLER: What percentage of the time have examiners suspected lying and then later shown ... more
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