What does bare root mean?

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A bare-root plant is a shrub or tree with most of the dirt around its roots removed. One of the primary advantages of using bare-root plants is that they tend to have robust, well-developed roots from being raised in the ground, rather than grown in containers without much space to take root. When these trees are handled well, their root systems are left fully intact and they have an excellent chance of rooting well when planted. Bare-root trees are also less expensive to ship and sell because they are lighter and easier to handle than container-grown plants. To learn how to plant and care for bare-root plants, come talk with our knowledgable staff, or join our upcoming Fruit Tree Basics Workshop (below). more
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Bare root perennials are grown in fields or beds then dug up in the fall. The top growth and soil are washed off and the root itself is placed in cold storage. Many perennials are shipped this way due to their root systems being either to large for pots or because they just do not grow well in pots.
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That means there is no soil on the roots.The soil is carefully washed off the roots before shipment. more

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