What does Besom, Welt, Quarter and Flap pockets mean?

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1 Answer

Quarter pockets have been the traditional pockets on slacks for a very long time. They are designed to hold your hand inside the pocket because they are cut at an angle. Besom pockets are a fairly new style for slacks and suit hip pockets. They are typically slits where the material from both sides meet and close without overlapping. They are meant to look less visible and more a part of the overall silhouette. Welt is another form of besom with a small design difference. Flap pockets can be found near the hip on sportcoats and suit jackets. They offer a material "flap" over the pocket. They are sometimes designed in a way that the flap can be tucked into the pocket and sewn, creating a besom pocket. What do the terms "Un-finish" or "Uncut" Hems mean on slacks? Higher quality slacks come without the hems sewn. Having a nice pair of slacks means having them fit properly with the correct inseam. The hems should be finished with an experienced tailor. Wearing the shoes you would ... more
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