What does blockage of heart arteries, or coronary artery disease mean?

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1 Answer

The heart is a strong pump that delivers fresh oxygenated blood to different organs in the body with each heartbeat. The heart muscle itself gets blood through arteries called coronary arteries. These conduits called coronary arteries run on the surface of the heart. The disease of these arteries is called coronary artery disease. Note the heart arteries (coronaries) running on the surface of the heart. Picture from Cleveland Clinic Website The blockage of these arteries can cause lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. The most dreaded consequence of the blockage is heart attack, which can be a fatal event. The blockages can also lead to heart failure, chest pain etc. How can I find out if my heart arteries are blocked? Coronary artery disease, technically speaking, means any disease of these arteries. The tests done in everyday cardiology practice mostly check for the blockage in the heart arteries that are bad enough to cause decreased blood supply to the heart muscles. There ... more
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