What does Bone Marrow donation entail?

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1 Answer

Initially simple blood test. Check to see if matches Julian’s tissue type. If potential donor found they will have to undergo further blood tests here in Gibraltar. Let me reiterate that most people tested will not be a potential match. And will only have one simple blood test. 6) If a donor is found what will happen next? If we are lucky enough to find a potential donor we will contact them for further testing. If they prove to be a full match they will be invited to become Julian’s donor. 7) What will the donation process involve? Travel to London GHA’s expense with companion. 2 ways to donate marrow. A) Under General Anaesthetic, a needle syringe is inserted in pelvic bone, 30 min, donor goes home next day, 5 days rest/recuperation is then recommended. Some people may have some transient lower back pain and they will feel tired for a few days. B) Less intrusive method No GA. Takes longer. 4-5 days of daily injections to increase production of marrow cells. Then collection involves ... more
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