What does "Carbon Footprint" mean?

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2 Answers

Carbon footprint is a measure (in units of carbon dioxide) of the impact of human activities on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Carbon footprints can be measured for an individual, a product, a business or a country. For example, the average Australian household has a carbon footprint of 13 tonnes per year. To measure carbon footprints almost every activity in our daily lives is taken into account: the amount of electricity we use, car and air travel, and the embodied carbon emissions from the growing, manufacturing and transport of all our ‘things’ we have in our life - food, clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. more
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A definition of "Carbon Footprint" is the total amount of carbon dioxide attributable to the actions of an individual (mainly through their energy use) over a period of one year. Carbon footprints can either consider only direct emissions (typically from energy used in the home and in transport including travel by cars, airplanes, rail and other public transport), or can also include indirect emissions (including C02 emissions as a result of goods and services consumed). more

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