What does "CC1, CC2, Text 1, Text 2, etc. mean"?

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CC stands for “caption channel.” Caption channels can hold different types of information for a video, including captioning. Line 21 (see above) is split into two fields. Each field carries two caption channels. CC1 and CC2 exist in field one. CC1 is the channel typically designated for English captioning code. CC2 typically contains Spanish-language captioning. If data is being sent through both CC1 and CC2 simultaneously, it could slow the processing time for a television’s decoder. To avoid this delay, sometimes Spanish captioning is moved to field two and displayed on CC3. Field two holds CC3 and CC4. CC4 is sometimes used to hold video description. Text channels display information as well, but unlike captioning, the text does not take into account onscreen activity. Text will often cover half if not all of the television screen. Like the caption channels, text channels exist within the line 21 fields: text 1 and text 2 in field one, and text 3 and text 4 in field two. Text ...
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