What does Coriander taste like?

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The following is from the source below that has good descriptions of 120 herbs and spices for sale online. Also, I am told, that the first time you eat Coriander it tastes soapy and unpleasant, but that you quickly get used to it and then it doesnt have that effect again. Strange! Coriander (Coriandrum sativumis) is also known as Cilantro. The leaves are similar to Parsley, and the herbs can be substituted for each other, bearing in mind that Coriander has a more citrus like taste. Dried Coriander can added to dips, soups , chutneys and is common in Mexican food. Indian recipes tend to recommend fresh Coriander, but dried is still useful to have to hand when that is not available. Coriander (Corriandrum sativum) is a Mediterranean herb from the carrot family. The fried fruits of the plant are what we call Coriander seeds. They have a warm, nutty, citrus taste and the best flavour is obtained by briefly dry-roasting the seed before grinding it, coarse or fine, as required. The roasted ... more
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