What does "Cotes de Geneve" or "Geneva Waves" mean?

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1 Answer

"Cotes de Geneve" or "Geneva Waves" is a special decorative finishing technique used on watch movements. Take a look at Jack Freedman's feature on decorations and finishes for more information. How accurate should my watch be? Your new mechanical watch should perform within the COSC requirements of -4 to +6 seconds per 24 hours. If it does not, you should have it serviced. A vintage watch may be less accurate but still be considered adequate. How long does it take for the movement to "settle in"? This period usually lasts a month or two, during which your watch may be less than optimally accurate. Eventually it will settle in and stabilize at a constant rate of accuracy. Are the occasional vibrations and noises inside my watch normal? Yes, what you are feeling and/or hearing is the winding rotor spinning around its axis. The 7750 is especially well known for this phenomenon. What is the Aerospace "floating minute hand problem"? Some Aerospace watches seem to have some "slack" in the ... more
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