What does Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) mean?

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1 Answer

Once enrolled, an automatic monthly transfer of funds will take place – a transfer from the customer’s account to the company’s account. 2. How do I sign up? The sign up form is on this website or ask your agent for a copy. 3. What information do I need to sign up for EFT? You will need a checking or savings account and a copy of your invoice. 4. Is there a transaction fee for using EFT? No, Patrons customers do not pay a transaction fee when using EFT to make their payments. 5. Is there still an installment service charge? There are no monthly service charges. 6. What is the amount and the date funds are transferred from my account? Your invoice shows the amount. The payment will be deducted out of your bank account on the due date, except for weekend or holiday payments, which will be deducted the next business day. 7. After my enrollment, when will the first transfer occur? Typically, it will be the payment period following the initial sign up. Once your enrollment is in effect, ... more
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