What Does Error Code 6e Mean on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer?

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What Does Error Code 6e Mean on a Whirlpool Duet Dryer?

Rene Gonzalez

Whirpool Duet front load electric dryer error code 6e

The other day I was doing laundry. Tried to use the dryer. All the lights came on but when I pressed the start button it just beeped several times and wouldn’t start.

I looked on the internet. Somewhere I read to "run the diagnostic test."  It is as follows: Within 5 seconds, press the button that says "more time" then "less time" then "more time" then "less time." Wait for a second or two then it read "6e."  

So, what’s a "6e"?  Again, I went to the internet.  Everything I read mentioned the "thermal fuse."  I changed that, no luck.  Went back to the intrnet. One site mentioned the door pressure switch. I changed that, bingo! It worked! 

The part cost me $18.46 + shipping & handling at AppliancePartsPros.com (I don’t get anything from them. I’ve only ordered from them twice, first time was the thermal fuse, and was very satified. Parts were in stock and they had reasonable shipping costs.)  

When I rec’d the door pressure switch I immediately noticed a difference in the sound it made when I pressed the buton. The new one made a distinct "clicking" sound. Almost as loud as the "click" you hear when you clip your finger nails. The old one hardly made a sound. 

Next time I won’t bother with the thermal fuse, though it is easy to access and inexpensive $8.59 (at AppliancePartsPros.com)


Even the most reliable devices require maintenance from time to time. If you want a dryer repair or investigate a mysterious sound, you should check the dryer thoroughly and find any problems. But if I were you, I would not be in a hurry to do it on my own, but would entrust it to a dryer repair specialist who will be happy to help you. It is better for a real specialist to fix everything once, than then have to spend money on buying a new one.


When Whirlpool dryer troubleshooting is the order of the day there are many error codes to check through. This specific error code is not uncommon to see. However, it is not found in any Whirlpool dryer manual, repair site, or the Whirlpool home site. In this instance the most likely outcome is that it is simply a random number that is shown during a diagnostic cycle meant to show the screen is working. This is an actual error code for a Maytag dryer, however. In that instance it is a thermostat error and it must be replaced. Should this error show up on a Duet it would not hurt to test the thermostat just to be certain. A quick fix may be something as simple as a tightening loose thermostat wire.

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