What does expeller pressed mean?

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3 Answers

During mechanical extraction, an expeller press crushes the ingredient such as, seeds, nuts, or vegetables to extract their oil. This pressing is done under intense pressure. more
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Hollywood oils are expeller pressed, which means they are not solvent extracted therefore there is no use of hexane solvent and minimal temperatures are involved in the extraction process. (Between 140° and 160°F.) This is from friction in expressing the oil. more
An expeller press uses a high-pressure hydraulic action to extract or squeeze oil from a source, such as nuts or seeds. Expeller pressing typically extracts only about 75% of the oil, which is why expeller pressed oils are sometimes more expensive. However, the quality is superior. To extract the remaining oil from the source, or when extracting oil from harder nuts, seeds or kernels there are two processes. First expeller pressed method is used then an extraction method is used in combination with chemicals like hexane. (See also What is Hexane? more

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