What does figurative, persuasive ,emotive and advertising language mean?

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1 Answer

Figurative language uses metaphors and mental images (or figures) to relate an idea. Ex."His voice was sharp and crystalline, like the sound of shattering glass." Persuasive language is directed with intentions to persuade someone to do something, say something, think something, etc. Ex.http://changingminds.org/techniques/lang… Emotive language is an expression of communication meant to elicit emotions in somebody for a certain purpose. Ex. Newspaper headlines: "Train seats mauled by youths!" will excite a reader more than "Train seats cut by teenagers." Advertising language uses enticing words to encourage a reader to purchase something. Ex. top-quality, economy-size, feather-light and longer-lasting (like words you would see on an advertisement.) Hope this helped! more
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