What Does Gently Used Mean?

gently mean Used

In automomile terminology this changes to a different parameter. Gently used or sparingly used can mean about an automobile which is not used roughly. For example, generally elderly people have gently used cars since they are sedate drivers. If you are looking for such a gently used cars, you can find many at http://www.automotix.net/bargain_cars.html at affordable prices too!


Gently used means that all clothing is like new and/or has been washed a few times. All clothing is clean and free of stains. All clothing where applicable, have all fasteners in good working condition, working zippers, no frayed edges, no pills, and have seams and hems that are intact. Gently used collectible means it is in very good condition and may be new or has had very little use. The condition of an item and any exception to the definition of gently worn or used is always specified in the description of the item. *Cargo shorts are sometimes stone washed by the manufacturer and while new or gently worn, do sometimes have a certain worn & faded look that is part of the appeal. However, the gently worn clothing definition always holds true. See our no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee under policies every used & new items sold at Repsychles™. Q: How Are Clothing Measurements Obtained? A: Measurements are taken with the garment lying flat. To determine a proper fit for you,