What does Halloween represent?

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Halloween (Hallowe'en, Hallowtide, Hallowmas, Allhallow-even) is short for "All Hallows Even" which means "All Saints Eve". It is the eve before All Saints Day, a Catholic day to honor all the saints who do not already have a feast day of their own. All Saints Day was originally celebrated on May 13 when Pope Boniface IV rededicated the Pantheon in Rome to 'St. Mary and All Martyrs' in 609 A.D. It was moved to November 1 in the 8th century when Pope Gregory III dedicated St. Peter's Basilica to all the saints. In the 10th century A.D. All Souls Day was added as a day to pray for the souls in purgatory and attend a requiem mass to honor the Christian dead. Folk customs surrounding All Souls are the origin of the belief that the dead return on Halloween. People would visit cemeteries, decorate relatives' graves, and leave food offerings for the dead. Pagan Roman customs may have influenced the practice of offering food to the dead. During Parentalia and Feralia, which were celebrated ... more
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First of all Halloween. The word Hallow means  holy, regard as sacred; or consecrate.
 Who do you sacred that night of Halloween? Halloween was practice  in the ancient Celtic, in a community in Central Europe century's ago. Between all who live there priest  druids who made rites in the night of October 31st  allegedly to repeal  evil spirits that night in there homes. In that  rite what they did was that they made sacrifice of humans , and animal. That day was a day of horror , blood, and fire , magic , divination's  for does people. In a phrase  on the 31st of October was a night to worship Satan. Halloween  started in a tribe of idolatrous man or soothsayers man who like to worship Satan . Unfortunately they came through the years with this celebration accepted by many and at the end from the 19        it came to the U.S. by Irish immigrants. Today  when you go disguise from a dead person And say "TRICK OR TREAT" means that  if they ask for candy and if that person don't give they threaten them.  also the purpose of the costumes were that the priest were wearing  masks for their cults of satanic . "Would you like the Idea of wearing  mask and costumes that represent what they were doing?" Also If you look most of the costumes they symbolize something from death and Satan.. Please think about  it

The name Halloween comes from the 1500's, &  is a variation on All-Hallows-Even, the night before All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day.  As with many things, the Catholic Church had a holiday to correspond with an ethnic festivity.  To the Catholic’s credit, however, the Feast of All Saints was declared by Pope Gregory III (in the 700's) & is talked about as early as 700 or 701. The festival actually became a reality &  November 1 is the reported date of the Feast of All Saints, though some scholar contend that the original Feast of All Saints took place in April, and that the church changed it to coincide with the festival of Samhain to try to win the Celts over to Catholicism.
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