What does hyperWALLET cost?

COST hyperwallet

• There is no charge to open or maintain a hyperWALLET account. Unigasco fees: • to transfer funds from your Unigasco account to your hyperWALLET account, the electronic bill payment charge applies. Many of our accounts include electronic bill payments in the monthly service fee. hyperWALLET fees (note: Unigasco has no control over these fees): • Email (Beam) cash: $0.25 You also have the option of paying for the recipient’s Cash Out charge of $0.75 when Beaming cash. • Cash Out: To your Unigasco account is free To another credit union is $0.50 To another financial institution is $0.75 • Make Auction Payment: no charge • Receive Auction Payment: 2.9% to a maximum of $5.00 • Please refer to the hyperWALLET site for complete information on hyperWALLET fees. ** Important note! Transfers from your Unigasco account to your hyperWALLET account cannot be reversed. If you need to move the funds back to your account, use the hyperWALLET cash out option. hyperWALLET has an excellent Help section