What does it cost to run new electrical service to a rural property not currently being served or extend what is there to another area of the property?

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The answer depends on what rural electric cooperative provides service to the area in question. To determine who serves your area ask your real estate agent or look at an existing meter (or, absent that, ask to look at your neighbors meter). The vast majority of the area covered by the Gillespie County Board of Realtors multiple listing service is served by either Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) or the Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC). Good news if you are served by PEC. If you rural property does not have electrical service, or if it does and it’s just not in the right place for your needs, they will run new lines to your designated location for a flat fee of $1,100 (at the time of this posting). You will be responsible for purchasing the necessary meter loop for an additional $600-$800. The caveats in this arrangement (you knew there had to be some) is that they will only agree to run service to an existing permanent structure (or water well). They will accept “your ... more
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