What does it feel like to take Real Hoodia diet pills?

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Real Hoodia Diet Pills make you feel full. They don't make your stomach feel full, but they make you feel as though you've just eaten a filling meal. When taken on an empty stomach, Real Hoodia Diet Pills keep you from having any desire at all to eat for several hours. When taken after a meal, you feel full and satisfied for much longer. What happens if you've taken Real Hoodia Diet Pills and then sit down to a meal? You feel no desire at all to eat. None. You will still be able to eat if you force yourself to. Otherwise, you just won't be hungry. In a study done in England to test the effectiveness of hoodia gordonii, obese test subjects were kept in a nearly prison-like environment. There was nothing at all to do but watch TV and eat. Half of the subjects were given hoodia pills and the other half weren't. Those who took hoodia ate, on average, 1,000 fewer calories per day. That's right -- one thousand fewer calories per day. They reduced their daily caloric intake by 50%. At that ... more
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