What does it mean to dream the sky is changing colors?

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Your dream implies that you hold a subconscious notion of moving forward but under unpredictable circumstances. The car suggests movement through life itself. While you sense movement ahead, the sky changes - your circumstances are unpredictable as you move forward. Your co-rider does not see that - he apparently has no such sense of vaguery but is on a common journey with you in some sense, whatever it may be. That you were in the backseat implies that you have no real control over where things are going but are dependent on the un-named driver. You are 'along for the ride' - the front seat passenger does not see the uncertainty that you do in the sky's constant changes and the real driver, for whatever reason, does not even figure into this. The two of you - the passengers - are then 'along for the ride' but with one of you having a calm sense of future while you do not. Consider the context of your dream - your circumstances at present. Is there lack of clarity as to where ... more
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