What does it mean when a school is marked as RNP or Unranked?

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1 Answer

This year, U.S. News has added one new label to all the schools in the Second Tier of the National Universities, National Liberal Arts Colleges, Regional Universities, and Regional Colleges categories. All these schools are listed as RNP or Rank Not Published to explain why some schools don’t have a numerical ranking and score listed next to them. RNP or Rank Not Published means that U.S. News did calculate a numerical ranking and score for that school, but decided for editorial reasons that since the school ranked below the U.S. News cut-off that U.S. News would not publish the ranking for that school on usnews.com. U.S. News will supply schools marked with RNP with their numerical rankings, if they submit a request following the procedures listed in the Information for School Officials in the About the Rankings section. Schools marked as RNP are listed alphabetically. Unranked means that U.S. News did not calculate a numerical ranking for that school. The school did not qualify to ... more
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