What does it mean when my display unit says "Anonymous" or "Private"? "Anonymous" or "Private" means the caller has activated Caller ID Blocking.

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What does it mean when my display unit says "Unavailable" or "Out of Area"? Both of these messages mean that the switch is not sending the caller's number. The switch may not be capable or SS7 connectivity is broken somewhere on the call's path. Do international calls display? Some numbers will display, such as Canada, as will some calls from Mexico if they follow the North American numbering plan. Numbers from other countries show up as "Unavailable" or "Out of Area." Can ATU customers see who is calling if the call is from a GCI customer and vice-versa? Yes, as a result of an FCC order, all SS7 connections must send the numbers, but must also honor an indication for blocking. When I call a business, are they using Caller ID to capture my telephone number for future use? Most businesses that use Caller ID are small independent businesses; for example, your local pizza shop may use Caller ID to serve you more quickly or verify your order. more
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