What does Kohls sell?

Kohls sell

Kohls is a discount department store that offers customers everything from clothing to vacuum cleaners. Basically, if you need it, they’ve got it. Like other discount stores, Kohls profits by selling extremely high volumes of products at cheap prices. As you might expect, this requires that the company spend quite a bit of money on advertisements. In recent years Kohls has expanded its marketing budget and sales have gotten a bump. Kohls Success As we mentioned, in these tough times, Kohl’s is one of the few retailers that is actually hiring. One of the reasons the company has been successful is because they recognized early on that during tough economic times people need affordable, high-quality products more than ever. Kohl’s has recently reported strong sales of its discount clothing line, both in men’s and women’s. Another reason for their continued success is their customer service. Kohl’s frequently ranks highest in customer satisfaction with regard to their employees, who tend t