What does Lifestyle Lift Foundation do?

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1 Answer

The Lifestyle Lift foundation is a non profitable and social welfare organisation that is engaged in helping children, who are suffering from birth defects, especially Hemangioma. It enables such children to look like the normal kids and lead a normal life. Founded in the year 2006 by Dr David M. Kent, the founder of the Lifestyle Lift procedure, the Lifestyle Lift foundation aims to bring relief to children suffering from cosmetic disorders and to educate the parents about them. The Lifestyle Lift Foundation is dedicated to the care and service of children who suffer from cosmetic problems. The Lifestyle Lift Foundation works towards its aims in two ways. First, it educates and informs families about the symptoms and effects of problems such as Hemangioma. Often these problems are compounded because they are left untreated. Further, adequate information can also help suffering families deal with such problems a little better: it also helps families realize that treatment is ...
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