What does light sensitivity mean?

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1 Answer

The CCD sensor in a digital camera can be adjusted to become more, or less, sensitive to light. In analogue photography, you would need to use different films for the different light conditions: ISO 100 – bright sunlight ISO 200 – most conditions ISO 400 – Poor lighting conditions ISO 800 – Very poor lighting conditions You can usually also increase the amount of light for the shot by enlarging the aperture or increasing the exposure time. However, if you are limited by the available f-numbers and shutter speeds, increasing the ISO value will get more light into the camera. Some camera models also adjust the light sensitivity automatically. If it is too dark for the camera to work with its current exposure settings, it selects a higher level of sensitivity for the CCD to obtain clearer results. The only downside is that higher sensitivity tends to result in increased noise, meaning reduced image quality.
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