What does limited benefit or indemnity coverage definition mean?

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1 Answer

( Plans vary, ask your agent for full listing) • Doctor visits • Hospital stay • Rx Prescription drug coverage • Preventive Care (mammograms etc) • Emergency care • Urgentcare Due to the access that Cover Florida offers covered individuals also have less to pay generally for items like durable medical goods (dme) and diabetic supplies (for those with diabetes that are uninsurable for major medical and paying a lot more out of pocket than without coverage). Also the plan is excepting of ALL pre-existing conditions, and coverage for those conditions to a certain dollar amount begin after a period 12 months of being on the plan for that particular condition to be covered. The reason it is, simply because it is a guaranteed issue or guarantee acceptance plan so even pre-ex condition(s) WILL NOT deny your approval. You can sign up and enroll for CoverFlorida state insurance coverage through an accepted, approved insurance agencies and those licensed insurance Agents, like Guarantee ... more
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