What does LOK mean?

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LOK means Land of Karchan. Next! • What does GHEP/WIC mean? I have heard the term just once as I have never heard it before. GHEP/WIC appears to be an acronym for Grand High Exalted Pubah/Who's In Charge. • What does MIF mean? MIF means Magicians of the Inner Flame. • When did this MUD first come on line? Well, I first became a member of InternetUsersAssociation Interlink in March 1994. I made my first HomePage approx. a month later. Somewhere in the beginning of June 1994 I created the mud and made it available for play to the Internet. (See for more information question 37) • How do I play the game? First you have to register. • How do I register? In order to register, proceed to the following page: The LogonScreen (http://www.karchan.org/karchan/enter.html) Type in your (new, imaginary, fantasy) name (and make it a little original) and a (imaginary) password and press Submit. Please remember your name and password correctly, as each time you want to start playing you need to ...
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