What does microalbuminuria mean?

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1 Answer

Microalbuminuria means that the kidney has some damage, and is starting to spill some albumin (a kind of protein) in the urine. Microalbuminuria is the first sign of diabetic kidney disease. How is microalbuminuria measured? It can be measured by a specific urine test, either on a single urine specimen, or on a 24-hour urine collection. Any doctor can test for microalbuminuria. Routine urine analysis does not detect microalbuminuria. Who should have this test? How often? Everyone with diabetes who is between 12 and 70 years of age should have a urine test for microalbuminuria at least once a year. If positive, this should be reconfirmed on a second urine specimen. Is it possible to have microalbuminuria without having any symptoms? Yes; microalbuminuria itself does not cause any symptoms. Are there signs that show an increased risk of microalbuminuria? Not really, though certain risk factors (high blood glucose, high blood pressure) may be a clue that microalbuminuria is likely. What ... more
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