What does No contract for a cell phone mean?

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1 Answer

If you are twelve years old and you want a cell phone without any contracts then you can get a prepaid phone. What this means is you buy a prepaid card with money on it (refill card) at the store and activate it with your cell phone prepaid company and that is credited toward your account for your minutes on the cell phone. There is no monthly bill that you pay each month and once your minutes is used, you just have to buy another refill card. You can cancel anytime you want without any fees. With a prepaid cell phone, you do not have the luxury of choosing from a variety of many cell phones. Most cell phone companies have about very few models of cell phones for prepaid only. You can select another cell phone with that prepaid company but of course you will have to purchase that phone for full retail price ($200 or higher) The advantage with a contract from a cell phone company is that they offer many models of phones to choose from and they usually give you a discount if you are a ... more
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