What does non-compliance mean?

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1 Answer

It could mean any of the following: • Failing to take a scheduled test; • Failing to keep a scheduled appointment with the evaluator; • Failing to participate in and/or complete the assigned treatment or education program; • Refusal to test; • Substituting another substance or specimen for his/her urine specimen (including your own previously excreted urine); • Giving a second diluted specimen sample without a valid medical explanation; • Providing a urine specimen that has the presence of an adulterant. Refusal to Test - means any conduct by an employee that interferes with the testing process, such as: • Refusing or failing to appear at the collection site; • Refusing to provide valid identification, signatures or initials where required; • Disruptive, belligerent or offensive conduct at the collection or test site; • Late arrival at the collection or test site (more than 24 hours after notification); • Having a known adulterant(s) on one's person when appearing for a collection or ... more
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