What does "perky" / "mopey" mean?

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"Perky" is a term applied to goths who like to dance energetically and grin manically. Perky goths tend to dress more casual than mopey goths, preferring hooded sweaters, combat trousers, heavy boots or trainers- and some of their clothing may even be colourful! Polka dots are considered quite perky, mostly due to the Strawberry Switchblade style of dress. Perky make-up tends to be less precise and painstakingly done, as the most important thing is getting on that dancefloor! An inclination towards industrial or techno tastes is common. "Mopey" refers to goths who take themselves too seriously. You can find mopey goths in the dark corners of clubs, staring blankly at their pointed feet and not talking. Should you be lucky enough to engage in conversation with a mopey goth you will most likely be told exactly why The Crow isn't the least bit goth and how the last Current93 album was poorly produced compared to their earlier work. Although primarily motionless creatures, mopey goths ... more
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