What does “porting” mean?

mean porting

Porting means to continue your supplemental life insurance coverage as term insurance after you leave State service. You have to apply to Prudential within 45 days of your termination date to extend your coverage through the portability option. This option is only available for member supplemental life insurance coverage. Dependent coverage cannot be ported. Basic life insurance cannot be ported. This is also different from the conversion option that is currently available, as portability will be more cost-effective for most members. You must be enrolled in supplemental life insurance to apply for portability. The only times you can enroll are during open enrollment or at hire.


Porting means that you can ask for your existing Non-Geographic Number (NGN) to be transferred from one service provider to another, providing they have an existing agreement in place. Numeric Futures Ltd has a Porting agreement with BT and Cable & Wireless (via OFTEL), which allows us to take existing BT NGN’s and port it to our services.