What Does Pre-Law Mean?


Pre-Law is a pre-professional track, not a major. By declaring Pre-Law, it identifies you to your advisors that you are following this track and your advisor will be able to help you make informed decisions about courses that will help prepare you for the LSAT and for Law School. Students who attend law school have degrees in many different majors and come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. In essence, there are no particular classes or majors required. How To Prepare For Law School… Choosing courses that are rigorous, writing-intensive, and interesting will help prepare you early on, and you must focus on your grades immediately. Law schools look for high GPA’s so you must realize early in your college career that your GPA is more important than your activities. Carefully weigh working and extra-curricular activities which might attribute to lowering your GPA. Benefits Of Doing Well (3.7 GPA Or Higher)… If your GPA is 3.7 or higher, you will be listed on the Dean’