What does 'RBA' or 'Rental By Approval' mean?

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1 Answer

Videos labelled RBA are rare or OOP (out of print) and require a cash or credit deposit to be rented. If you are here in the store you'll find this label on the spine or back of the video. The typical deposit is about $150 - we do have a few films that require deposits that are over $1000. These rare titles are what makes Scarecrow ... well ... Scarecrow. By requiring deposits on these titles, we're able to keep them safe and in our inventory. The deposit amount reflects how hard it would be for us to replace that title if it was damaged or stolen. Please feel comfortable renting these titles - we RARELY have to claim deposits and are aware of normal rental 'wear and tear'. Note to collectors: we do not sell titles from our rental inventory - please.
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