What does recoupment mean?

mean recoupment

Recoupment is when the Department reduces your monthly benefits by a set amount and then applies that reduction amount as a monthly payment towards the balance owed on an overpayment. You must have an active case in order to particpate in recoupment. • This was an agency error, why do I have to repay it? It is Oklahoma and Federal regulation, that regardless of who caused the error, if your received a benefit to which you were not entitled, and spent that benefit, it must be repaid. • What is the Treasury Offset Program ? The Treasury Offset Program (TOP), is a final method in collecting delinquent food stamp debts. Examples of federal payments which can be intercepted to pay a delinquent debt include federal income tax refunds, social security benefits and federal pensions and salaries. • How do I stop a Treasury Offset Program intercept? The best way to avoid referral to the Treasury Offset Program is to make a written repayment agreement and making these payments each and every mont