What does eferred mean?

mean referred

What does
eferred mean?


Referrals through Barclays Stockbrokers will be generally as a result of your card issuer either doing a random security check on the card or your card issuer will have identified that the transaction being processed is out of character for your transaction history. If you’re advised that your transaction has been referred, our Client Service Team will contact your card issuer for authorisation. I know I have enough money in my bank account for this payment yet my card has been declined. Why? Although you may have sufficient money in your bank account, a payment may be declined because your bank is awaiting clearance if a deposit has been made recently, or your payment may be in excess of an in-house limit set by your bank. Who should I speak to if my card payment has been declined? You need to contact your bank or card issuer in the first instance to find out why the payment was declined. If you are still experiencing difficulties after that stage please contact our Client Service Tea


You may notice some of the children are referred. This means a family has been selected for the child or children. If a family has been selected, why isn’t the photo and write-up removed from the site? The quick answer is it is too early. If you take at look at the FAQ on the adoption process under the heading What if my family is selected? you will see that the referral is just the beginning in placing a child for adoption. It means no other families will be considered while the process plays out. A referral starts with the child’s information being reviewed by the family’s worker and the family. Sometimes the family decides they are no longer interested and the referral is withdrawn. By leaving the child on the web, less precious time is lost getting recruitment going again. If the family accepts the referral, then a meeting, called a pre-placement conference, is held. This is when the adoptive family gets to meet the child’s foster family or the staff if the child is in a group home

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