What does republican parliamentary democracy mean?

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1 Answer

Not very much. It is a twist of works to make it look radically different from the sytem on which it was based, while it has changed little. It is based on the Roman Republic. The vocabulary has barely changed. "Republic" and "senate" are Latin words, while conspicuous (to the educated) expression "commander in chief" translates directly to "Imperator". Hardly reasuring, but on to the substance: "Representative" and "democracy" are falacies. The only think the votes represent is how much money the parties have to win over the people. As this money has to come from somewhere, the parties become accountable to those who funded them, not the voters. Thus we do not have a democracy, but an Ogliarchy, which is a political system where money is the most important factor in rulership. Democracy, however, would be worse. Imagine the wisdom behind the collective decisions of a majority of self interested people with little knowledge of the important issues, economics or practicalities. ... more
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