what does smoking do to muscles?

john rainwater

in detail please

george whittington

The nicotine and carbon monoxide from smoking may make your blood “sticky” and your arteries may become narrow. Narrow arteries reduce the flow of blood to your heart, muscles, and other body organs, making exercise harder. During exercise, blood flow helps boost oxygen supply to your muscles.

Brent Foust

Smoke contains nicotine and carbon monoxide, which can make your blood viscous and your arteries narrow. Narrow arteries decrease the blood supply to your heart, muscles, and other body organs. If your muscles do not receive adequate oxygen, your body will not work well.


Smoking really interferes with strength training and even a few puffs of cigarette after exercise significantly exacerbate the harm caused to the body. Once I had carpal tunnel syndrome, you can read about him in the article either. And I have suspicions that this happened because I was Smoking after strength training.