What does the Amatsu Norigoto (Divine Prayer) mean in English?

amatsu Divine English mean prayer

What does the Amatsu Norigoto (Divine Prayer) mean in English?

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The Amatsu Norigoto is truly a beautiful prayer, however it encourages the belief that we are sinners or flawed in some way, which is not true. We all have the powers of a child of God. It was never taken away. The translation of text between Japanese and English is a difficult one. The following is a generalized translation of the Amatsu Norigoto: In the divine spiritual world of infinitesimal but truly existing high energy particles, in the throne of heaven where the spirit of God is now manifesting itself as fire, by the power of the divine fire and water principles, Father of all living existence and man, Amatsu Su of True Light, Creator God and great gods of purification, our various impurities of the spirit, please purify by True Light, and please revive in us the original power of a child of God, these our wishes, most humbly and respectfully we pray. Father Creator, original God of True Light, please bless and protect us. Bless our spirit, may it flourish in Thy kingdom forever

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