What Does The Aquamarine Stone Look Like?

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1 Answer

Aquamarine is an incredible blue colored stone. Aquamarine jewelry can showcase this deep and lush blue stone. Legend has it that the aquamarine stone was originally found in a mermaids treasure chest. The stone is also considered lucky for sailors, because the deep blue color is reminiscent of the ocean. In fact its name is derived from two Latin words, water and sea. This stone is considered hard and can be used well in aquamarine jewelry. The stone also has a very nice shine to it, making the blue color stand out. The deeper the blue color the higher the quality of the stone. The aquamarine stone can be cut into almost any shape to encompass designs created by jewelers. This versatile stone is good to work with when creating aquamarine jewelry. Aquamarine Jewelry Choices Since this stone can range in color from light blue, to very dark blue to even having green in it, this is a versatile stone to create aquamarine jewelry. Because of the color differences it can be matched to ... more
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