What does the assessment process consist of?

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1 Answer

The assessment process consists of four stages: 1. Compatibility bloodwork This is to ensure the donor and recipient are compatible by looking at blood types, antibodies, and to rule out potential donor viruses such as Hepatitis or HIV. 2. Laboratory and x-ray studies This stage consists of doing further laboratory tests such as bloodwork, blood pressures, urine collections, an electrocardiogram (ECG), and a chest-xray to ensure that the donor is healthy. An ultrasound will also be done to assess the health and function of the kidneys. 3. Consultations with the living donor transplant team Members of the transplant team include a transplant nephrologist (kidney specialist), transplant surgeon, clinical coordinator/nurse clinician, social worker, and psychologist. The potential donor must travel to Vancouver or the nearest transplant centre for these consultations. 4. Renal angiogram The final test is a renal angiogram which is performed to look at the blood vessels of the kidneys. ... more
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