What does the cats nipples look like during first few weeks of pregnancy?

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During the first weeks of cat gestation, it's almost impossible to notice that a cat is pregnant. In general she will behave normally. Check her nipples, if you think a cat is pregnant. Her nipples become pink after about three weeks. This is most visible if it's the first time the queen is pregnant. From that moment it will take six weeks before the kittens arrive. Your vet will be able to confirm if she's pregnant. There are other cat pregnancy signs. Pregnant queens become quieter and more loving. They sleep more and are not interested in male cats. Heat cycles stop and a queen becomes more loving. If your cat is used to walk outside, she will voluntarily spend more time at home during feline gestation. Here are useful pregnant cat care tips. During pregnancy a cat will gain weight. But it lasts until the fifth week before this becomes visible. After six weeks her nipples will also grow considerably. From then on they are filled with milk. Your cat will want to eat more and more. ... more
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