What Does The Inside Of A Chimney Look Like?

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1 Answer

The inside of a chimney holds separate chambers, called flues, that service different heating equipment in your home. In this chimney, Flue A services a fireplace or woodstove, and Flue B services a furnace. A safe, healthy flue carries (or vents) the byproducts of fuel burning including carbon monoxide safely to the exterior of the home. An unsafe, unhealthy flue can allow these byproducts into the home. Creosote buildup within the flue can also provide the hazard of fire. In this chimney, Flue A, servicing the fireplace or woodstove, has a creosote buildup, cracked or missing pieces of linear, and eroded brick and mortar. The condition of Flue A can lead to fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Flue B, which services the furnace of the home, shows how moisture can leach into the home, causing wall damage, as well as cracked and missing tiles, leaving the possibility of carbon monoxide leakage into the home. Your sweep can find why these conditions exist and how they can be fixed for a ... more
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