What does the Junco bird eat?

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Andy has a half tame junco friend who lives in the garden, summer and winter. The sprightly little bird and his cheerful kinfolk are very, very welcome because Andy's garden is pestered by weedy crabgrass. And juncos just love a between meal snack of crabgrass seed. The little junco bird is not much to look at but in character, he is worth his weight in diamonds. Andy's half tame junco is dressed in slate gray and, sad to say, the sparrow sized fellow is rather ragged. He was named Biddy, which was a mistake because he happens to be a Mr. Junco. His wife is more brownish than gray. Like most juncos, she keeps her soft feathers smooth and neat, but she is mare timid than her shabby husband. The junco looks like many other modestly dressed birds, but when he flies, he shows two banners of white down the sides of his sprightly tail. So does the meadow lark but the lark is more colorful and is famous as a songster. The junco has only one note and he chirps this same happy sound again and ... more
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