What does the lion's paw pads look like and how big dose the tiger paw pads get?

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A. Briefly, the pads of all big cats resemble those of small cats (eg domestic cats). Except, of course, they are a lot bigger. A lions spade-shaped paw is bigger than a mans hand; the metacarpal pad (the big triangle at the back of the paw) is the size of your own palm, and the four oval toe pads are bigger than your fingers. They feel soft, dry, warm, and rough there is nothing I can compare the touch of a lions paw pads with. They have sweat glands the only part of the cats body to have sweat glands, apart from around the nose and genitals and a nervous or excited lion has a distinct damp feel to his pads. The pads of a cheetah, by the way, are ridged all cats have three lobes to the metacarpal pad, and these lobes are bounded by ridges that help the animal grip and steer while running, like the treads on a runners shoes. more
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