What does the message - IEC507D E ... - mean?

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The entire text of the message will contain additional information, followed by a prompt for a reply; for example: IEC507D E 150,MVSRES,COBCL,LKED,SYS1.LINKLIBT 03 IEC507D REPLY 'U'-USE OR 'M'-UNLOAD The message is issued when a job attempts to modify (or delete) a dataset for which an expiration date was specified at the time it was created and the current system date is earlier than the date the dataset is to expire. The additional information provided in the message text is the unit address and volume serial number where the dataset resides, the jobname and stepname which is attempting to modify the dataset, and the name of the dataset. The two possible responses are: 'U', which permits the job to modify (or delete) the dataset or 'M', which causes the step to terminate immediately with an S713 completion code. Production load libraries are frequently protected in this manner to prevent unauthorized modification of production programs, or at least ensure that the system operator ...
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