What does the monitor cable look like?

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1 Answer

Depending on your card, the cable is three- or four-ended. The Nubus card (e.g. for the PowerMac 6100) does not feature a joystick port on the board of the card, so that this port was integrated into the cable. Concluding, we have one thick plug that is attached to the Mac video out, one short end plugged into the VGA out of the PC card, one end towards the monitor and for some models one end for the joystick. This setup applies for a single monitor setup. If you have two monitors available, you could hook up one directly to the Mac and one directly to the PC card. For the PC Compatibility cards, you won't need a special cable (except possible adaptors depending on your monitor), for the DOS Compatibility card, you will need the three ended cable in order to be able to attach the joystick. more
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